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COVID-19 Forums & Interviews

Resources for SC's 5th Congressional District


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In this season of uncertainty, I'm committed to helping every constituent obtain reliable, up-to-date information on the programs and services available to them. Below is a list of recent forums.


January 19, 2021: COVID Vaccine Forum

On January 19th, I hosted a live, one-hour program with a panel of experts about the distribution of the coronavirus vaccines here in South Carolina.

Joining me was Dr. Brannon Traxler, the Interim Director of Public Health at SC DHEC. She answered questions about the availability of vaccines in our area, phases & timelines, how & where to get vaccinated, and what SC DHEC is doing to expedite this process. Also joining me was Dr. Arash Poursina, who practices medicine at Infectious Disease Specialists of Piedmont. He spoke about the vaccines from a medical standpoint.

Click here to see a complete list of questions and timestamps for each.


Tuesday, May 12th: SC Lt. Governor Pamela Evette

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette is such an incredible asset for South Carolina. It was a pleasure to speak with her by video conference on May 12th.  She had excellent insight into topics like:

  • South Carolina’s plan for a safe, reasonable, phased re-opening
  • Our state’s resources and PPE supplies
  • Coordination with North Carolina (since several counties in the 5th district border NC)
  • The importance of our census
  • The new website
  • Early lessons learned from this pandemic
  • What things look like for our state 3, 6, 12 months from now

You can watch the full conversation above or click here to watch on YouTube.

Friday, May 1st: Live COVID-19 Forum

My weekly forums, which are simulcast on radio, television and online, have reached hundreds of thousands of our neighbors with important information related to COVID-19. On May 1st we covered three big topics:

  • Segment #1: Is depression and anxiety on the rise as our nation battles COVID-19? What should we be aware of, and what are the warning signs we should know about? I'll was joined by Dr. Connie Guille, a psychiatrist and Associate Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina to help answers these questions and more.
  • Segment #2: How have children in South Carolina been affected by COVID-19? What's the latest with childcare providers, and programs to help vulnerable children and adults during this pandemic? Michael Leach, the Director of the SC Dept. of Social Services joined the program to discuss.
  • Segment #3: What can you expect if you need to be tested for COVID-19? What's the process like? Is it painful? How long does it take? Where do you go? Joining me in-studio to answer these questions were two experts from Affinity Health Center: Executive Director Anita Case, and Medical Director Dr. Craig Charles.

This program featured a variety of excellent questions about the current state of COVID-19, and our how nation should move forward from a healthcare prospective. You can replay this program above or click here to watch on YouTube.

Friday, April 24th: COVID-19 Medical Forum

Joining me to provide a medical update on this pandemic on Friday, April 24th were:

  • Dr. Arash Poursina, who is Board-Certified in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine. Dr. Poursina is with Infectious Disease Specialists of Piedmont
  • Dr. Michael Kacka, an Epidemiologist and Medical Consultant for SC DHEC
  • Dr. Anand Shah, Deputy Commissioner for Medical and Scientific Affairs with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

You can replay this program above or click here to watch on YouTube.

April 21st: Interview on Fox & Friends First

I joined Fox &s Friends First early Tuesday morning to discuss Governor Henry McMaster's decision to begin re-opening certain parts of South Carolina's economy.

April 20th: Radio Interview with Keven Cohen

I joined Keven Cohen on his Afternoon Drive program on 100.7 Make the Point Radio to discuss the Paycheck Protection Act, getting our economy back up on its feet, and the federal spending that our nation must address in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 20th: Radio Interview with Fox Across America

I joined Jimmy Failla on the Fox Across America radio program on Monday, April 20th to discuss the latest with COVID-19, efforts to replenish the Paycheck Protection Act, and the federal spending that our nation must address as we recover from this pandemic.

April 17th: Second Forum for Small Business Owners

I hosted my second COVID-19 forum for small business owners on Friday, April 17th. Joining me was an expert from the Small Business Administration to discuss the latest on the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan, and other important information that small business owners should be aware of.

April 15th: Unemployment Insurance Benefits Forum

I'll hosted a live forum to help constituents better understand unemployment insurance benefits on Wednesday, April 15th. Joining me were experts from the South Carolina Dept. of Employment and Workforce.

April 13th: WRHI Radio Interview

On April 13th I was a guest on WRHI Radio's Straight Talk program to discuss the latest on COVID-19, and what's on the horizon to get our economy started again.  Click here to listen to a replay of this program.

April 7th: First Forum for Small Business Owners

On April 7th, I hosted a large forum with over 500 small business owners on the phone and many more listening on the radio and online, to provide the latest from the Small Business Administration and take caller questions. Topics included the Paycheck Protection Program as well as Economic Injury Disaster Loans and other important topics for small business owners to be aware of as we face this pandemic.

April 12th: Breitbart Radio Interview

On April 12th I was a guest on Breitbart Radio to discuss our nation's relationship with China in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization, and additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program that was blocked by Democrats.

March 20th: Live Telephone Town Hall

I hosted a live telephone town hall on March 20th, and dialed out to over 230,000 constituents to discuss COVID-19. Joining me was Dr. Arash Poursina, M.D., a board-certified physician specializing in infectious diseases along with Dr. Michael Kacka, M.D., from SC DHEC, who leads the agency's Medical Consultant Section of the Division of Acute Disease Epidemiology.  You can listen to a replay of that call below.  For a list of specific questions along with the time in the video where that question can be found, click here to view the video on YouTube and reference the video notes.

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