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Meet Ralph

Congress-Ralph-Norman A South Carolinian for Life

Congressman Ralph Norman is a lifelong resident of South Carolina's 5th district. After graduating from Rock Hill High School in 1971, he attended Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, and graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

After college, he joined his father's construction business and helped grow it into one of South Carolina's most successful commercial real estate developers.

Over the course of his career, Ralph has served with a number of organizations dedicated to improving the community, including the York County Home Builders Association, the Children's Attention Home, the Salvation Army, and the Medical University of South Carolina Board of Visitors.

He has consistently demonstrated his dedication to conservative principles. Throughout his political career in the South Carolina House of Representatives and the U.S. House of Representatives, he has consistently voted in favor of limited government, individual liberties, and sound financial policies.

Ralph married Elaine Rice Norman on December 28,1974. Elaine also is a lifelong resident of South Carolina, growing up in Belton. Together, they have 4 adult children: Warren, Anne, Mary Catherine, and Caroline, 17 grandchildren.


True Blue Award – Family Research Council Action

The Family Research Council Action honors “the men and women in the House and Senate who’ve stood strongest on faith, family, and freedom.” The True Blued Award honors Representatives and Senators who stood for conservative values and voted in favor of several of pieces of legislation, including the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Taxpayer Super Hero Award – Citizens Against Government Waste

Only 12 lawmakers were designated as Taxpayer Superheroes based on their voting record, which protected and saved taxpayers’ money. Citizens Against Government Waste President Tom Schatz said, “We applaud and wholeheartedly thank Rep. Norman for his tireless work on behalf of the taxpayers while serving Congress. His courageous votes to eliminate rogue earmarks and make government more accountable should serve as an example to other members, challenging them to make good on promises to protect the fiscal interests of American taxpayers.”

Award for Conservative Achievement – American Conservative Union

The American Conservative Union awards the Conservative Achievement Award to members of Congress who could be counted on to protect the constitutional right to life, liberty, and property. The award recognizes individuals who have continued to support conservative values and who work to achieve commonsense conservative solutions.

Thomas Jefferson Award – International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA)

This award is presented to Members of Congress who are committed to increasing economic opportunity and reducing government regulations. IFDA gives the Thomas Jefferson Award to recognize member who support pro-growth, fiscally responsible policies.

Solar Champion Award – Solar Energy Industries Association

Supporting the solar industry

Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award – 60 Plus Association

The Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award is given to members of Congress is appreciation of their tireless efforts on behalf of senior citizens, as so many of our elderly live on a fixed income. This is the 60 Plus Association’s highest award and recognizes efforts to protect Medicare and Social Security.

Hero of Main Street Award – National Retail Federation

The National Retail Federation honors Members of Congress who support public policy priorities important to the retail industry and its millions of small businesses. In order to receive this award, members have shown they recognize the contribution of the retail industry, and have worked to encourage a “vibrant, sustained and healthy” retail sector.

Friend of Farm Bureau Award – American Farm Bureau

Supporting Farm Bureau’s position on policy issues

Guardian of Small Business Award – National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

The Guardian of Small Business Award is the most prestigious honor that NFIB bestows on Members of Congress in recognition of their efforts to support small business issues. Members who receive this award have supported small businesses through regulatory and legal reform, specifically the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which eased financial pressure on small businesses and made it easier for them to grow and to create jobs.

Spirit of Enterprise Award – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said, “The Spirit of Enterprise Award recognizes those members of Congress who have done what’s right for our friends, family, and neighbors running businesses across the country. We applaud these legislators for their commitment to free enterprise and economic growth.”