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Border Security

The Ending Catch and Release Act

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Joe Biden’s border policies are the primary reasons for the surge of illegal migrants along our southern border – there’s just no arguing otherwise. Before leaving Washington this week, I signed on as an original co-sponsor to Rep. Andy Biggs’ new bill to address two of those policies. The first is known as “catch & release.” For those who are apprehended by our Border Patrol,…

Commitment to America

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I get a lot of questions about what Republicans will do next year when we take back control of the House of Representatives. These are important questions. After all, we can talk forever about spiraling inflation, record illegal immigration, rising violent crime, foreign policy disasters, fentanyl crisis, “woke” education programs, out of control government bureaucracies, etc. But it’s…

Another Month, Another Record Along Biden’s Wide-open Southern Border.

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Another month, another record along Biden’s wide-open southern border. For the first time in American history, the number of encounters of illegal migrants along our southern border has surpassed TWO MILLION for the fiscal year, which runs from October 1st through September 30th. That’s according to data released yesterday by the Border Patrol. It is the President’s responsibility…

Why are we in this mess?

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Friends, I’ve done everything I can in Congress to help secure our border and curb illegal immigration. But this President’s policies, I believe, are making that an impossible task. Our Border Patrol just reported over 207,416 encounters last month along our southern border, making June the fourth consecutive month in excess of 200,000. Their data shows we’ve already shattered the…

50 Individuals on the FBI's Terror Watch Apprehended Along Our Southern Border

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So far this year, *50* individuals on the FBI's terror watch list have been apprehended trying to cross our southern border. That's according to actual Border Patrol data. It makes total sense. If you're a terrorist, you're not wasting your time trying to get here by plane or boat. Instead, you're walking in from Mexico along with hundreds of thousands of others, because you know just…

Once Again, We’ve Broken Another Record

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I loathe every bit of what this president has done to our southern border. Last month, according to data just released, a whopping 239,416 migrants were encountered by our Border Patrol. Every month it just gets worse. Once again, we’ve broken another record. From drugs and human trafficking to massive strains on our schools, hospitals and social service, none of this appears to be a…

What’s Your Solution, Ralph?

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“What’s your solution, Ralph?” I get that question all the time, especially when I talk about wasteful spending in Congress and our $30 trillion in federal debt. Friends, our nation is heading for financial ruin. I’m so tired of being asked to vote “yes” on new spending bills with no offsets. I’m tired of bloated, wasteful government. I’m tired of agency heads who claim they can't do…

Yet Another Caravan

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Surprise, surprise. There’s another massive migrant caravan walking up through Mexico heading to the United States border. Estimates vary, but it’s easily several thousand people according to multiple news outlets. *** But remember this: that entire caravan represents just a fraction of the total number of people who flow across the southern border Every. Single. Day. This is what…

Highest Number Ever Recorded

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If this isn’t a dereliction of duty by this President, I don’t know what is. We had the HIGHEST NUMBER EVER RECORDED last month of migrant encounters along our southern border. Border agents encountered 234,088 individuals in April. Of those who were apprehended, a WHOPPING 117,989 were released into the interior of the United States. This is from court documents obtained by the…

Early Migration Alert Program Act

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I've seen it happen personally on various airline flights over the last year - where illegal immigrants are being relocated across the United States. Officials are using planes, trains, busses, Ubers… any mode of transportation they can find to alleviate the massive overload of illegal immigrants at the border.   There's nowhere to put these individuals, and this…