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Jobs and Economic Growth

Commitment to America

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I get a lot of questions about what Republicans will do next year when we take back control of the House of Representatives. These are important questions. After all, we can talk forever about spiraling inflation, record illegal immigration, rising violent crime, foreign policy disasters, fentanyl crisis, “woke” education programs, out of control government bureaucracies, etc. But it’s…

GSP Airport

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I was touring the GSP airport this morning and simply could not pass up a photo op with this Boeing 747-400. This aircraft had just landed a couple hours earlier packed with cargo from Kirchberg, Germany. The Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport is often the most convenient airport for the western part of our congressional district. More than passenger flights to a variety of…

Another Great Sound Title

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It’s all smoke & mirrors. We’re shown this massive piece of legislation with a great sounding title, and you’re told the bill does what the title says. Only it’s a COMPLETE LIE! We see this over and over again in Congress, and I’m tired of it! The Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act” is just the latest example – I covered this in a previous post a couple of days ago. This will…

America has officially entered the Biden Recession

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📛 America has officially entered the Biden Recession. Not that there was any doubt, but this morning it was confirmed. Now we know why the White House has been in overdrive lately trying to redefine the common definition of the word recession. More on that in a second. But first, according to data released this morning, our economy shrank during the quarter from April through June.…

What’s Your Solution, Ralph?

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“What’s your solution, Ralph?” I get that question all the time, especially when I talk about wasteful spending in Congress and our $30 trillion in federal debt. Friends, our nation is heading for financial ruin. I’m so tired of being asked to vote “yes” on new spending bills with no offsets. I’m tired of bloated, wasteful government. I’m tired of agency heads who claim they can't do…

Two-Sided Equation

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If this President wanted to bring down inflation, the LAST thing he should do is call for higher taxes. Biden’s inflation crisis was NOT caused by taxes being too low. No legitimate economist, and no rational political observer honestly believes that. Instead, Biden’s inflation crisis must be attacked on two separate fronts: supply-side and demand-side. Let’s start…

Replay of South Carolina Economic Forum

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How long will inflation continue to rise? How long will labor shortages continue to be a problem? Is a recession on the horizon? How should companies and employees prepare for the next 12-18 months? These were a few of the questions we covered at a recent forum I hosted on South Carolina’s economy and labor force. Joining me were three expert panelists: Dr. Joey VonNessen, a research…

Upcoming Forum on South Carolina's Economy

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How long will inflation continue to rise? How long will labor shortages continue to be a problem? Is a recession on the horizon? How should companies and employees prepare for the next 12-18 months? To help answer these questions, I’ll be hosting and moderating a special forum in Sumter starting at 11:30 AM on Wednesday, May 4th.  Joining me to provide their insight will be three…

REPLAY: Joint Tele-Town Hall w/ Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons

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A very special thanks to Congressman Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! The three of us hosted an incredible joint tele-town hall on April 5th, with tens of thousands of constituents joining us on the phone from back home in South Carolina. There were many great questions about inflation, illegal immigration, Ukraine, and other issues facing our country. You can catch a full replay…

Upcoming Tele-Town Hall on April 5th

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Please make your calendar for Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 PM ET for a special live telephone town hall.  Joining me will be two other congressman from South Carolina, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! During this call, we'll be discussing the important domestic issues facing our country, including rising inflation, increases in violent crime, and alarming…