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First Responders & Law Enforcement

Remarks at CPAC

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It was an honor be part of a special forum this morning at CPAC with Rep. Scott Perry, where we covered a wide variety of important issues facing Congress. The weaponization of government, border security, the Speaker's election, China, and more... nothing was off limits. Give a listen!

Weak on Crime Mayor Sent Packing

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Good news overnight for those who support law enforcement and care about safe communities. Lori Lightfoot, the embattled mayor of Chicago, was sent packing by voters in yesterday’s mayoral election. Crime in that city is no joke. With only two exceptions, EVERY category of crime had increased under Lori Lightfoot’s watch by significant margins. Overall, crime in Chicago was 20% higher…

Tonight's State of the Union Address

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I’m not expecting much from the State of the Union address tonight. We’ll hear a lot of platitudes and cherry-picked statistics, but nothing meaningful in terms of policy or vision. If you’re inclined to tune in to President Biden’s remarks tonight, I’d invite you to keep these facts in the back of your mind: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: 4.5 million people have illegally crossed our southern…

Commitment to America

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I get a lot of questions about what Republicans will do next year when we take back control of the House of Representatives. These are important questions. After all, we can talk forever about spiraling inflation, record illegal immigration, rising violent crime, foreign policy disasters, fentanyl crisis, “woke” education programs, out of control government bureaucracies, etc. But it’s…

A Vivid Example of What It Means To Be Soft-on-Crime

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This is a vivid example of what it means to be soft-on-crime. The man who literally tried to stab Rep. Lee Zeldin yesterday was quickly released within hours of the attack. For those who haven't heard this news, Rep. Zeldin is running for the governor of New York State. Yesterday, he was giving a campaign speech in the city of Perinton, near Rochester. Out of nowhere, according to video…

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Deputy Austin Aldridge

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Utterly heartbreaking news this morning. I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Spartanburg County Sheriff's Deputy Austin Aldridge, who was on duty and responding to a domestic incident when he was ambushed and shot yesterday afternoon. Deputy Aldridge was rushed to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center for care, but tragically passed away last night. There are simply no words…

What’s Your Solution, Ralph?

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“What’s your solution, Ralph?” I get that question all the time, especially when I talk about wasteful spending in Congress and our $30 trillion in federal debt. Friends, our nation is heading for financial ruin. I’m so tired of being asked to vote “yes” on new spending bills with no offsets. I’m tired of bloated, wasteful government. I’m tired of agency heads who claim they can't do…

San Francisco Finally Got It Right, for a Change

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I know we make fun of San Francisco for their utter lunacy on so many issues. But honestly: their voters got it right yesterday. There was a special election on Tuesday to recall San Francisco's far-left district attorney. (Remember: a district attorney is the public servant responsible for prosecuting crimes in his/her area.) Chesa Boudin is the name of the district attorney in San…

It’s National Police Week

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Police Week 2022

As loudly as I can say this: THANK GOD for our law enforcement officers. It’s National Police Week. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record when it comes to supporting law enforcement, but I think we’re living in odd times right now: Across the nation, too many categories of violent crime are on the rise. Too many parents are not raising their children correctly. Too many…

Congratulations, Sheriff Dorsey!

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Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey

Sheriff of the Year! Please join me in congratulating Sheriff Max Dorsey of the Chester County Sheriff's Office. He was just named the 2022 Sheriff of the Year by the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association! I'm proud to know Sheriff Dorsey both professionally and personally, and can honestly say Chester County is well-served by his leadership and the INCREDIBLE men and women in his…