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Almost 19 Suicides Every Single Day

Please take just a moment to read this. Suicide rates among our active-duty military and veterans are at heartbreaking levels.

Last year, 580 active-duty troops took their own lives, according to the Pentagon. That’s over 1½ every day, and it represents a 15 percent increase from the year prior.

Meanwhile, our veterans are particularly at risk. The most recent report from the VA indicated 6,261 veteran suicides in 2019. While that’s down slightly from the year prior, it’s still an average of 17.2 veteran suicides PER DAY!!

Step back for a minute and just think about those numbers. Every single day on average, close to NINETEEN individuals either serving or having served our nation… are committing suicide! This desperately needs our attention.

Obviously military service can be extraordinarily stressful. Every one of these men and women have sacrificed so much. (As well as their families.) Please know the warning signs. Feelings of hopelessness, rage, anxiety, substance abuse, or withdrawing from family and friends can all be signs of suicidal thinking.

We owe our active-duty military and veterans much more than just our gratitude. Friends, please don’t be afraid to engage with them. Ask questions. Validate their experience. And if you suspect something may be wrong, **PLEASE** do whatever you can to get assistance to them.

Even if you aren’t sure how to help, it’s easy to reach out for guidance. In fact, I’d argue that’s the very least we can do for anyone who is facing dark days. We owe them our help and support.

24/7 Military & Veterans Crisis Hotline: 🔷 call toll-free (800) 273-8255 🔷 text 838-255, or 🔷 chat online at

24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 🔷 call toll-free 800-273-8255, or 🔷 chat online at