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"Build Back Broke"

I was a resounding NO vote just moments ago. In fact, every Republican voted NO. But Democrats in the House still managed to ram through their massive socialist spending spree. (What they laughably call the “Build Back Better” plan.)

I will never understand the thinking of those who support this bill. It is the most irresponsible and liberal legislation we’ve seen in decades.

Want some examples?

It paves the way for amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. Democrats have intentionally removed language that prohibits the federal funding of abortions. They’ve established a “minimum tax” on many corporations, which of course will just be passed along to consumers and employees. It gives massive tax breaks to liberal states by raising the federal cap on deductions of state & local taxes, which are astronomically high in most of those states. It creates major nuisances and financial burdens concerning climate change. They’re ramping up IRS enforcement, so you can look forward to more inquiries and audits from that agency going forward. And I’m just getting started!

In total, House Democrats have just voted to spend trillions on social welfare and social spending – above and beyond what they’ve already spent lately – at a time when we’re approaching $30 trillion in debt and facing the worst inflation in over 30 years. It’s INCREDIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE!

This latest liberal overreach now heads over to the Senate. I wish I could say it’ll be derailed in the Senate, but I don’t have high hopes because Democrats know they’re facing epic losses in next year’s election and they’ve committed to swing for the fences while they still can. Stay tuned…