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One Year Ago

I was there, in the building. I was physically present on the House floor when the riot at the Capitol Building started last January.

As I’ve said repeatedly since then, it doesn’t matter who or why. Those who riot… those who destroy property, and worse… those who injure or kill other people are CRIMINALS. And they must be held to account by our justice system.

Yet how many talking heads over the last year have expressed continuous outrage over the Capitol Hill riot, but still can’t manage to utter ONE SYLLABLE in condemnation of the woke mobs who ravaged so many of our cities just a few months prior?

In no way am I excusing what happened last January. Quite the opposite, in fact. Lawlessness and rioting must be condemned and shut down wherever it occurs. And I believe we ought to use January 6th to honor the brave men and women with the U.S. Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies who kept us safe, including & especially those who lost their lives.

Two additional points on this topic:

First, those still in custody from last January’s riot cannot be treated callously. Doing so would defile who we are as a nation. Those individuals are entitled to legal representation, a fair & timely trial, and humane treatment in the process. Just like every other American incarcerated in this country.

And lastly, this January 6th “commission” in the House of Representatives is a joke.  Don’t believe for a minute this has ANYTHING to do with the stated purpose. This is a politically motivated exercise with a pre-determined outcome: to try and marginalize Trump’s future as a political force, and demonize anyone who supported Trump or his policies.

Given the abysmal job performance of Biden and liberals in Congress over the last year, you can expect this commission’s charade to continue at least through the next election this coming November. Democrats need the distraction, and the liberal media is happy to oblige.