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More on The "Domestic Terrorist Parents" Letter

It's like the President's own administration said, "Biden's going to need political cover if he's going to order federal law enforcement to crack down on parents. So you guys should write a letter to the President, telling him that's what you need."

Remember the outrageous letter that the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent to President Biden recently? It was concerning angry parents, who have been rightfully upset over things like onerous covid restrictions, critical race theory, transgender bathroom policies, and other issues. In that letter, the NSBA asked the President for federal law enforcement assistance, equating angry parents to "domestic terrorists." Remember that?

Well, now we're learning that Biden's own Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, may have encouraged the NSBA to write that letter. This is according to multiple news reports over the last 24 hours, sourcing email exchanges between NSBA board members.

Parents have every right to express their frustrations, especially in light of all we've seen across the country lately. To the extent lines are crossed, that's an issue for LOCAL law enforcement. NOT the Dept of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dept of Homeland Security, National Threat Assessment Center, or any of the other agencies the NSBA specifically asked for, by name.

If it's true that Education Secretary Cardona encouraged the NSBA to pen this letter, then Cardona needs to resign or be fired.