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Religious Freedom Over Mandates Act

As if overreaching government vaccine mandates aren’t bad enough, it is highly inappropriate for federal dollars to be used to collect information about someone's religious beliefs. The only way to prevent this information from being abused is to prevent its collection in the first place.

Just moments ago, I introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that would prohibit federal funds from being used "to establish, operate, maintain, or support any system of records" for individuals who seek a religious exemption from a federal COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

This means federal dollars could not be used to maintain any records of an individual's request for a faith-based exemption, such as his/her religion, religious beliefs, or religious justification for the exemption. This would also preclude the government from using taxpayer dollars to create a religious registry based on COVID-19 vaccine exemption requests.

Many thanks to Congresswoman Ashley Hinson for co-sponsoring this legislation, which has also received the support of FreedomWorks and Heritage Action for America.