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This is a mess.

This is a mess. Numbers just released from February are showing 7.9% annual inflation. That’s up from 7.5% in January, 7% in December, 6.8% in November. The trends get worse every month!

Wages are rising, yes, but not nearly as fast as inflation. And those who are most harmed by this inflation are those least likely to be able to absorb these price hikes!! Inflation is an awful, regressive tax on middle- and lower-income earners.

Energy prices appear to be driving a lot of this. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why President Biden will not reverse course on his hostility towards American energy production. He ended our Keystone XL pipeline, prohibited exploration on federal lands, and is using policies and rules to make it very difficult for companies to produce energy here in the U.S.

It’s all by design – he literally campaigned on doing these things.

It’s terrible, woke, leftist energy policies that are now hurting our nation! It’s time for America to return to energy independence – where we were before Biden took office. (Yes, I understand we will always have to import various flavors of crude oil and other finished products. But we should not be relying on hostile nations for those. In terms of NET energy production, America has fallen too far behind.)

President Biden also needs to back off these ridiculous Covid mandates and restrictions that are just making our supply chain problems worse and contributing to inflation.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is expected to slowly start raising interest rates soon. Nobody’s happy about this because higher interest rates typically slow the economy. However, a minor slowing of our economy may help smooth out the imbalances between supply & demand, ease supply chain bottlenecks, and (hopefully) stop this inflation from continuing to spiral out of control.