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He chose... poorly.

Earlier this morning, I led a congressional letter to the CEO of Disney for his antagonistic comments against a Florida law designed to protect children. That state bill would prohibit kindergartners and 1st - 3rd graders from being indoctrinated with woke theories on gender and sexual orientation.

We’re talking about children here.  And we’re talking about the left’s weird, strange, disturbing push to enable schools to teach & normalize things that are (A) WHOLLY INAPPROPRIATE for 4-8 year olds, and (B) likely contrary to what parents would have them exposed to at school.

To be clear, The Walt Disney Company NEVER expressed displeasure with this proposed law while the Florida legislature was reviewing the bill. Instead, liberal activists got upset and the Disney CEO had to make a choice: either (A) offend parents, offend middle America, and offend the overwhelming majority of his customer base… or (B) stand up and tell those liberal activists to pound sand.

To quote a famous line from a Disney-owned movie: “He chose… poorly.”

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