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A Cesspool of Lunacy

I realize the overwhelming majority of my constituents are not on Twitter, which is probably a good thing for their own sanity. That platform has devolved into a cesspool of lunacy. For most people, there’s just very little value in Twitter unless you follow only a small number of trustworthy voices on the topics you care about (e.g. sports, news, weather, politics, specific hobbies, etc.)

But even then, liberals who run Twitter have really destroyed the credibility of their own platform.

For starters, there’s clear evidence of “shadowbanning” at Twitter – which is when they quietly throttle the reach & visibility of certain accounts they don’t like.

Then there are the COUNTLESS examples of Twitter inappropriately censoring legitimate voices. Remember the New York Post and many other outlets who were trying to publish early evidence of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop? Twitter just flat-out suspended those accounts, right before a presidential election.

And let’s never forget Twitter literally banned President Trump for tweets they found inappropriate. We’re talking about the sitting president of the United States!

(Facebook’s not off the hook either, by the way.)

By most accounts, Elon Musk appears to be a solid advocate for free speech. That’s not to say free speech doesn’t have limits – it does. But in many cases, Twitter’s threshold for punitive action was simply posting something contrary to liberal dogma.

It’ll be interesting to see what Elon Musk does with Twitter. There’s probably a lot of “house cleaning” that needs to happen over there, so he’s got his work cut out for him.