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Within Our Hearts, Homes, and Churches

When will we admit there’s a spiritual and moral crisis in this country?

Why is it taboo to talk about the importance of family structure, proper parenting, and the critical role of fathers?

Why does it surprise us when young minds develop mental health problems… after they’ve been exposed to years of violent video games and the most toxic elements of social media?

Why is it so challenging to identify, intervene, and come alongside troubled individuals?

And why do so many elements of our modern-day culture now stand DIRECTLY OPPOSED to God and His direction?

Friends, these are some of the tough questions we need to face head-on. Yes, government absolutely must pursue effective measures to protect our schools, support mental health, and keep weapons away from those who are dangerous.

But government and new laws will **NEVER** be the “solution” for depravity and evil. Instead, the solutions we need can only originate from within our own hearts, homes, and (dare I say) churches.