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One More Bad Policy on Top of All the Others

Joe Biden wants to funnel $10,000 to every person with student loan debt. This, according to multiple news reports earlier this week.

We keep coming back to this horrible idea over and over again. “Canceling” student loans is akin to taking someone’s debt and forcing those payments onto you, the taxpayer.

Get this: Biden’s latest proposal would allow couples earning up to $300,000 – and individuals earning up to $150,000 – to offload $10,000 in student loan debt to other people.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Knowing full well that excess government stimulus is one of the primary reasons we’re in this inflationary mess to begin with, it is inexplicable that Biden is still proposing highly inflationary measures like student loan “forgiveness.” By itself, this would cost us $230 billion, 71% of which would benefit the top half of income earners, according to the Washington Post.

In just 18 months, liberals in control of Congress and the White House have given us massive inflation, record levels of illegal immigration, a disastrous foreign policy, rising violent crime, and so many other problems. This would be just one more bad policy on top of all the others.