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A Profound Number

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A stack of 1 trillion pennies would reach the moon, come back to earth, and reach the moon again. Compared to millions and even billions, a trillion is a profound number. Think about this:

🔸 1 million seconds is equivalent to about 11 ½ days.

🔸 1 billion seconds is equivalent to about 31 ½ years.

🔸 1 trillion seconds is equivalent to over 31,710 years.

Now think about this: since the beginning of last year – the Democrat-controlled Congress has spent an additional two trillion dollars – above and beyond what it normally costs to operate our federal government. Most of it under the guise of covid relief.

So where’s all this money coming from? Short answer: much of it is borrowed. In total, we’re over $30 trillion in debt. Your taxes are paying the interest and a small amount of the principle, but this debt will not be paid off in our lifetime. Not even close. It will be passed down to our children and grandchildren, and their generations will suffer mightily because our current generations were unwilling to elect politicians capable of not spending beyond their means.

Not only that, but all this excess spending by the federal government is a key reason why we’re paying so much more for gas, groceries, and everything else these days. You simply cannot pump that kind of money, unnecessarily, into our economy and not have inflationary backfire.

Yes, there are other factors contributing to inflation. Nobody’s denying that, but excessive federal spending – led by Democrats – is a HUGE factor.

And before Democrats start down the road of, “But Ralph, you voted for tax cuts, and we need that money to pay for all we want to do.” Friends, you could literally confiscate 100% of everything so-called rich people own, and it wouldn’t pay for a fraction of all this obnoxious spending. We don’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem.

Those who are unwilling to discuss appropriate ways to slash federal spending are simply not taking this problem seriously.