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87,000 New IRS Agents

The IRS will be hiring an additional 87,000 agents if Democrats get their way on Friday. Liberals are trying to pass yet another massive spending package for climate change, and they want to pay for part of that by hiring 87,000 additional IRS agents to audit even more taxpayers, to see if there’s any additional money that can be wrung out from them.

I want to talk to those people who say, “Well Ralph, if you haven’t cheated on your taxes, what are you worried about?” Because that line of thinking is so misguided, so wrong, that it needs to be addressed directly.

Friends, if the IRS chooses to audit you, they don’t need any evidence that you did anything wrong, or violated any rules. You can be audited for any reason – or no reason at all.

If you’ve been through an audit before, you know it can be a major ordeal producing the documentation the IRS demands. It almost always requires a considerable amount of your time, and it’s not uncommon that you’d need to spend massive amounts of money for legal and financial expertise to defend yourself.  Not because you did anything wrong or have anything to hide, but instead simply because your tax return happened to cross some arbitrary threshold in the IRS’ computer system for an audit.

87,000 more agents are what Democrats are asking for. And these agents will be tasked with producing more revenue for the federal government through audits. In other words, harassing you through the audit process to see if there’s any additional money you could have paid the federal government.

The IRS Commissioners said these additional 87,000 agents would not increase “audit scrutiny on small businesses or middle-income Americans.” Does anyone believe that?!

There was even a Republican amendment proposed in the Senate version of this bill that would prohibit the IRS from using these additional agents to target people earning less than $400,000/year. And guess what? Democrats voted unanimously against that amendment.

Because they know, just like the IRS knows, that between so-called “rich” people who will be defended by a team of lawyers and accountants, versus everyday Americans who don’t have those kinds of resources – the latter is a much, MUCH easier target.

So if you believe these new agents will only be auditing people based on evidence they did something wrong, or if you believe they will only be auditing higher income earners, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken. We’ll have the Democrats in Congress to thank for that.