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Release the affidavits!

Release the affidavits! I’m talking about the sworn testimony – from one or more people – that federal authorities used to convince a judge to issue warrants allowing them to raid President Trump’s home last week.

Show us that testimony!

If you’re going to raid the home of a former President – who also happens to be the possible future political opponent of the current administration – you ought to be ready for intense scrutiny.

When you cite “classified documents” as the reason to raid that former President’s home – 19 months after he left office and 3 months before the mid-term elections – you ought to know it has all the optics of a fishing expedition.

And when your agency has a history of malfeasance against that former President, you ought to be ready to fully defend your actions both publicly & immediately. That is not happening right now.

So let us see the testimony that was used to justify these warrants!

Do you know how many search warrants were ~requested~ by federal authorities last fiscal year? 19,666 – according to the Federal Judiciary. And do you know how many of those requests were ~denied~ by a judge? 16.

That’s right: Out of 19,666 requests last year, only 16 were denied by a judge. That’s 0.08%. In other words, when federal authorities apply for a warrant, they’re going to get it.

Obviously, we want to assume that because a judge authorized the warrant, the evidence presented by federal authorities must have been above reproach, right? I’m sure that’s true with almost every warrant. However, given what we now know to be true with how authorities handled the Carter Page warrants, the Russia “collusion” hoax, etc., I’m not ready to assume anything in this case.

Show us the affidavits!