Congressman Norman's #Wasteful Wednesday

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Washington, June 13, 2018 | comments

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-05) introduced legislation, as part of his #WastefulWednesday initiative, to eliminate the Denali Commission. The Denali Commission is a regional commission that adds unnecessary federal bureaucracy to the distribution of federal funds to the state and local entities in Alaska.

Congressman Norman has released the following statement:

"Unlike other regional commissions which serve several states, the Denali Commission only serves Alaska. The people of Alaska will be better served if funds are sent directly to the state to distribute rather than having to deal with an additional layer of red tape.

“Both the Government Accountability Office and Congressional Budget Office have raised concerns about the need for the Denali Commission, and eliminating funding for the Denali Commission was also considered by the Obama Administration. The Office of Inspector General for the Denali Commission has repeatedly advocated for the elimination of the Denali Commission as a federal agency, and even recommended that “Congress put its money elsewhere.”

“With the Denali Commission’s own OIG highlighting how #wasteful the agency is, why don’t we listen and eliminate this unnecessary federal agency?”



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