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American Academy of Pediatrics and "Gender Affirming Care"

In a long overdue statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) finally announced it would review the evidence used to craft its guidelines for handling CHILDREN who think their gender is something other than what they were born with.

They call it “gender-affirming medical care.” How quaint. It seems like a roundabout way of saying, “Whatever the child thinks his/her gender happens to be, we’re going ‘affirm’ that choice. We’re going to celebrate it. We’re going to endorse the use of puberty blockers and hormone therapies and surgery on children if their adolescent minds happen to think their gender is something other than what God literally assigned to them. And anyone who opposes us is anti-trans, anti-medicine, and anti-science.”

Adults can make their own decisions, that’s fine. But when it comes to children, I fear history will soon reveal a tremendous amount of harm and devastation this movement has caused to millions of adolescents.

So the AAP is now ordering an external review of the evidence it uses to make its guidelines concerning these controversial therapies. This, at a time when a number of other nations are stepping back from similar guidelines. The concern is these treatment policies were crafted using evidence that was weak, at best.  One researcher even told the Wall Street Journal that the studies used "are too unreliable and the risks are too serious."

Anyway, this is good news. We’ll see what this external review tells us. If the AAP refuses to release this report, in its entirety, then you’ll know its findings are likely worse than anyone suspects.