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Rep. Norman and Rep. Pfluger Introduce the No CORRUPTION Act to Close Pension Loopholes for Corrupt Politicians

Washington, D.C., September 26, 2023 | Austin Livingston (202-740-8937)
On Tuesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC-5) and Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX-11) introduced the No Congressionally Obligated Recurring Revenue Used as Pensions to Incarcerated Officials Now (CORRUPTION) Act to eliminate pension payments for Members of Congress who have been convicted of various criminal offenses. This bill is a re-introduction of H.R 3327 from the 117th Congress.

Under current law, if a pension-eligible Member of Congress is convicted of certain crimes, he or she is still eligible to receive that pension through the appeals process until a "final conviction" is reached, which could drag on for years. (A "final conviction" is defined as a criminal conviction where all possible appeal options have either expired or been exhausted.)
The No CORRUPTION Act would mandate that Members found guilty of these crimes immediately become ineligible to collect any pension payments earned while serving as a Member of Congress. This would apply upon initial conviction, not years down the road after reaching final conviction.
This bill is the House companion to S. 932 introduced by Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and Senator Rick Scott (R-FL).
Rep. Norman released the following statement on Tuesday: “Americans would be outraged if they knew about the various perks that former Members of Congress receive. Pension payments to those who have been convicted of a crime is yet another fitting example of wasteful spending that needs to be terminated. It is time Members of Congress start acting like everyday Americans, not elitist politicians sheltered by their own rules.”

Rep. Pfluger added, "Republicans promised to deliver a government that’s accountable. Taxpayers should not be fronting the bill for politicians who abuse their positions and betray the public trust. I'm proud to lead this legislation with Representative Norman to ensure members of Congress who are involved in corruption and crimes cannot pull a public pension through retirement."