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Rep. Norman Issues Statement on H.R. 943 Vote

Washington, D.C., January 29, 2020 | Austin Livingston (803-833-0030)
On Tuesday, U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-5) issued the following statement regarding his No vote on H.R. 943, the Never Again Education Act.

“Let there be no doubt about my record on fighting antisemitism: I am a member of three separate caucuses opposing anti-Semite and a cosponsor of many more bills and letters that combat BDS, support the state of Israel, and raise awareness of the increase in violence and vitriol against Jewish people at home and abroad.

My vote on H.R. 943 was not motivated by my views on antisemitism, but about my views on the role of the federal government and its lack of fiscal restraint.

It is my view, that education is a devolved power reserved for the States under the Constitution.

This principle would not be much of a principle at all if I were to only apply it to the things that I do not agree with. So although I wholeheartedly agree with the need and appropriateness of teaching future generations about the horrors of the holocaust, I do not believe it is appropriate for the federal government to demand it.

Additionally, I am convinced that the Department of Education already has the resources necessary to complete this program, and am not prepared to appropriate even more funds, with no accountability or offsets, at a time when our national debt is exceeding $23 trillion.”