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Representing the Best of Our Society

There's a small segment of our society that has no dignity. No honor, and no reverence. Over the weekend, some of those individuals chose to deface and vandalize a WWII memorial in a Charlotte cemetery that honors more than 500 men and women who GAVE THEIR LIVES in service to our nation.

And then there's another segment of our society represented in the photos below. These are Americans who are sickened and outraged at the TOTAL lack of decency and respect from anyone who would do such a thing. More than that, they gave their time on Monday to help restore this sacred memorial.

Some of you may know the man in the black shirt. He is Wayne White, a U.S. Air Force Veteran from right here in South Carolina.  Assisting them were experts from Gaulden Monuments in Rock Hill.

To Wayne and all those who helped restore this memorial to its rightful condition, THANK YOU. Thank you for honoring our fallen heroes, and thank you for representing the best of our society.

To those who vandalized this memorial, you belong in jail. And I hope law enforcement is able to quickly figure out who you are.


Photo Credits: Jonathan Monté, who is a photojournalist from FOX 46 Charlotte and Gaulden Monuments.