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Worship at the Altar of Climate Change

Yesterday, the “Green New Deal” was re-introduced in Congress. Remember this is the radical climate change bill that would decimate our economy, destroy millions of jobs, and make your cost of living jump through the roof.
Apparently, none of that matters to those who worship at the altar of climate change.
As a co-founder of the House Solar Caucus and a strong proponent of renewable energy, I can tell you the Green New Deal is both fundamentally and fiscally impossible. Among the most obvious reasons is that renewable energy simply cannot meet 100% of our power needs within the next 10 years, as required by this legislation.
Not to mention that trying (and inevitably failing) to achieve that goal will cost between $5 trillion and $9 trillion PER YEAR for at least next decade, according to a variety of estimates. (For context, federal revenue is currently around $3.9 trillion annually, and we’re over $28 trillion in debt!) Who do you think will be paying for all this?
It would be foolish to dismiss the Green New Deal as an unserious effort by a handful of liberals in Congress. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that over ONE HUNDRED Democrats in the House signed on to a resolution calling on the federal government to adopt this legislation. And they’re actively trying to piecemeal parts of the Green New Deal into other efforts – most recently Biden’s so called “infrastructure” proposal.
We cannot allow Democrats to obliterate our economy and harm Americans’ way of life in pursuit of unrealistic, overreaching, socialist policies. This is a HORRIBLE piece of legislation.

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