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President Biden’s Recent Budget Proposal

I want to highlight a few things in President Biden’s recent budget proposal, because it really speaks to where his priorities are.
First, the crazed spending. For context, the federal government spent $4.1 trillion in fiscal year 2019, before the pandemic. This year, with COVID almost in the rear-view, Biden is proposing… get this… $7.2 trillion in spending – a 75% increase from 2019. And then $6 trillion in sustained annual spending in subsequent years. This is a liberal spending spree the likes of which we have never seen before.
Second, significantly higher taxes. Biden is proposing $55 trillion in ~new~ taxes over the next 10 years. That would be the highest sustained tax burden on the American people in the history of our nation. It would nearly double tax collection over the next decade. If you think most of that could be milked from corporations or top income earners, think again.
Third, more deficits. With our nation already $28 trillion in the hole, Biden’s looking to add another $14.7 trillion to that number over the next 10 years. That’s unconscionable.
Important side note: most of you know that I’ve clashed with many in Congress (Republicans included) on our federal spending and debt. I will continue to oppose any budget that isn’t balanced and doesn’t have a plan for getting our debt under control.
Fourth, abortions. Biden’s proposal intentionally omits provisions of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions. Biden himself supported the Hyde Amendment as recently as 2019. Not anymore! It is jaw dropping that under Biden’s plan, taxpayer dollars could be used to end the life of an unborn child for convenience.
Fifth, our military, the one place where we shouldn’t skimp. Biden’s proposal for our armed forces does not keep up with inflation, which of course is rapidly rising on his watch. This means the equivalent funding for our military would be less if Biden gets his way.
What else? $0 for the border wall. Expansions of government run healthcare. Multiple billions for Green New Deal initiatives. The list is a mile long.
True to what Congressional Democrats seem to want, Biden’s budget proposal is a roadmap for higher spending, higher debt, and more individual dependence on the federal government. No thanks.