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The Numbers Are Not Good

The numbers are not good. 1,194 people participated in the survey I posted a few days ago on inflation. Over 80% of respondents are being impacted by rising prices. Here’s the breakdown:


49.5% said, “I’ve noticed higher prices. I can still afford everything I need, but am starting to cut back on non-essential purchases.”

32.3% said, “I’ve noticed higher prices, and am concerned I may not be able to afford the things I need.”

12.6% said, “I’ve noticed higher prices, but am still able to afford the things I need and want.”

5.6% said, “I have not perceived an increase in prices of the goods and services I normally purchase.”


It wasn’t a scientific poll, obviously, but in terms of getting a general sense of public opinion, there is absolutely no question that an overwhelming majority of people have needed to make very real adjustments to their lives to accommodate these price increases.

There are lots of reasons why we’re experiencing inflation, some of which are temporary. Some of which cannot be easily controlled. And some of which are industry specific. But one thing is for sure:

Trillions of additional spending that Democrats (and a few Republicans) want – on top of what it normally costs to operate the federal government – is only going to make inflation worse.