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Passports and International Travel

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June/July 2023 Update - There are currently extensive delays at the U.S. State Department in processing passport applications. If you are considering international travel requiring a passport anytime in the foreseeable future, please continue reading for critical information:

Before Booking Any Travel

Each county has its own rules concerning passport validity periods and visa requirements. For example, some countries will refuse entry unless your passport's expiration date is at least six month after the end of your trip. It is your responsibility to understand the entry rules associated with your desired travel plans!

Before you book ANY international travel, it is imperative you check the State Department's website to understand the specific passport and visa requirements for every country in your desired travel plans. Please do not assume or rely on sources other than the U.S. State Department for this information. You are strongly advised not to book any international travel until you have personally reviewed the destination country's entry requirements and have positively confirmed your passport is valid and its expiration date will satisfy the requirements of the countries you wish to visit.

Furthermore, if you will need a new or renewed passport, it is important to be familiar with the current processing times with the U.S. State Department. Absent an emergency, you should avoid booking any international travel with departure dates sooner than the State Department's current times for passport issuance. In fact, best practice is to add at least 4-6 weeks to the State Department's estimates to account for growing delays.

If you need help with urgent international travel or are concerned your passport may not be received in time, please give our office at call at (803) 327-1114, ideally before booking your travel and before submitting your passport application. Our staff will be able to help advise you on appropriate next steps.

New vs. Renewed Passports

If your existing passport was issued more than 15 years ago, you are not eligible for a renewal; you must apply for a new passport. There are no exceptions to this rule. Additionally, if your existing passport was issued when you were a minor under the age of 16, you are not eligible for a renewal; you must apply for a new passport.

If You Need a New or Renewed Passport

Please remember: current processing times at the U.S. State Department for new passports are taking approximately 7-9 weeks for applications that have been expedited, and 10-13 weeks for routine, non-expedited applications. It is wise to add an additional 4-6 weeks to these times for any unforeseen problems.

The U.S. State Department has a comprehensive website to walk you though how to apply for a new or renewed passport.  Click here to get started.

When to Contact Rep. Norman's Office:

Rep. Norman's office serves individuals who live within South Carolina's 5th congressional district. This includes all of Cherokee, Chester, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, Lee, Union, and York counties and parts of Spartanburg and Sumter counties. If you do not live within South Carolina's 5th congressional district, please click here to find your representative and contact his/her office for assistance.

For residents of South Carolina's 5th congressional district, Congressman Norman and his staff will do everything possible to help those constituents who need assistance with passports. However, it is important to understand that every situation is different and ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES can or will be made concerning the date by which your application will be processed by the State Department, or the date by which your issued passport will arrive.

If you need a passport (new or renewal) for international travel:

  • to a country that does not require a visa and you are scheduled to depart the U.S. within the next 14 calendar days; or
  • to a country that does require a visa and you are scheduled to depart the U.S. within the next 28 calendar days; or
  • You have already applied for a passport (new or renewal) but have not received it within the prescribed time...

...please contact Rep. Norman's Rock Hill office for help expediting your passport.  At this time, Rep. Norman's office is unable to help expedite passports unless & until you meet one of the criteria above.  A copy of your confirmed travel itinerary will be required.
Rep. Norman's office in Rock Hill is open Monday through Friday. You can contact us by phone at (803) 327-1114. Please be prepared to complete and quickly return this required Privacy Release Form to our office, which gives Rep. Norman's congressional staff the authority to contact the U.S. State Department on your behalf.