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I have the utmost respect for the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces and defend our great nation.

It is our duty to continuously provide for those who have worn that sacred uniform. These men and women sacrificed so much so that we all can enjoy our day-to-day liberties. With over 50,000 veterans living in the Fifth District, it is imperative that I continue to work to ensure that our veterans receive the best care possible.

I will be a strong advocate for legislation that betters the lives of our veterans and will continue to support bills that improve the Veterans Administration (VA), increase education and employment opportunities for veterans, and lead to better ways to treat our veterans’ medical conditions. Additionally, my district office will also continue to advocate for individual veterans and assist them with specific requests or issues they are facing. If you need assistance with the VA, please do not hesitate to call my Rock Hill office at 803-327-1114.