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Spending Cuts and Debt

The people of the Fifth District did not send me to Washington to bankrupt our country. I will be a vocal proponent of bringing common-sense, fiscally responsible solutions to the crisis our national debt presents.

The federal government’s spending is reckless and out of control. With our country facing a national debt of more than $22 trillion, the time to act is now. American families, businesses, and many states, have to operate on a budget, and it is time for the same rules to apply to our federal government.

We need to eliminate fraudulent spending and end wasteful programs to get our national debt under control. Additionally, Congress must take a hard look at mandatory spending, the portion of the government that is on autopilot and accounts for over 70% of our spending. I promise to remain a steadfast proponent of fiscal responsibility and to work to bring common sense to Washington’s spending habits. It is imperative that Congress return to regular order and pass funding for our government on time, rather than pass trillion-dollar spending bills at the last second.