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If You Have Our Back, We'll Have Yours

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Just a quick follow-up on this post from a few days ago for those who might be interested... H.R. 3985 is a bill meant to help translators and others from Afghanistan who served and aided American forces over there. Essentially it smooths the pathway for them to be issued Special Immigrant Visas. It came up for a vote earlier today in the House. Remember, these are people who risked their lives to...

The Bigger Picture on Federal Unemployment Subsidies

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I’ve heard this comment more than a few times, even from people who should understand the bigger picture. It usually goes something like this: “Gov. McMaster is hurting South Carolina because he stopped the extra unemployment dollars coming from the federal government.” Their rationale is often, “That’s just millions in ‘free’ federal money that now won’t be spent in our state.” This way of thinki...

Stripping Out the Hyde Amendment

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This won't stand in the Senate, thankfully. But it's worth mentioning because it illustrates... again... just how far left the pendulum has swung for Democrats in Congress. For over 40 years, there's been a provision in federal law that prohibits the use of federal funds to pay for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. This provision is known as the "Hyde Ame...

A Terrible Milestone

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Confirmed by a Friday afternoon data dump: our Border Patrol has now apprehended more than ONE MILLION illegal immigrants so far this year. That’s more in the first six months of 2021 than any **full year** since 2005. And that number doesn’t even account for the countless who made it though without being apprehended. June’s data also revealed 15,000 apprehensions of unaccompanied CHILDREN! ** Nev...

No Way To Treat Our Afghan Interpreters

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There is no excuse for this. At all. Two things are certain to happen following President Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. First, Taliban terrorists will soon take control of important sectors of that nation once again – that’s already happening. And second, every person they find who helped our nation along the way will be mercilessly SLAUGHTERED. Along with their families. This in...

Have You Lost Track?

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Have you lost track of all the money Democrats are frantically trying to spend this year? You know… the trillions we don’t have? The money we can’t afford to borrow because of our obscene national debt? The massive additional federal spending that will only make President Biden’s inflation worse than it already is? If so, you’re not alone. This isn’t even about the emergency COVID spending last ye...

Another Abysmal Report On Inflation

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Another month, another abysmal report on inflation. Filling up with gasoline? Average gas prices in South Carolina are up 30% from this time a year ago. If your mid-sized car drinks 13 gallons of fuel weekly, you’re now on track to pay $400 more over the next 12 months for gas. Forget about fuel for a minute – let’s just hope you don’t need to buy another vehicle! If you’re in the market for a use...

Cubans' Fight for Liberty

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The Cuban people deserve freedom!! The evils of socialism have DECIMATED that nation to the point where it's difficult to even find food or medicine. And the people there have had enough! It's not hard for the Cuban people to imagine how much better their lives could be without the tyranny of their communist government. And I stand firmly behind their fight for liberty!!

Passports and International Travel

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Summer 2021 - There are currently extensive delays at the U.S. State Department in processing passport applications. If you are considering international travel requiring a passport anytime in the foreseeable future, please continue reading for critical information: Before Booking Any Travel Each county has its own rules concerning passport validity periods and visa requireme...

We Cannot Raise the Debt Ceiling

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I’m absolutely NOT voting to raise the debt ceiling later this month. No way. You might hear news about this in the coming weeks. Here’s an analogy. Imagine being up to your eyeballs in debt. With each passing month you borrow more & more to cover your out-of-control spending, and the amount you have to pay each month on interest alone exceeds your housing and transportation costs combined. You’v...