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They Own It

I flew up to Washington earlier today in order to vote NO this evening on raising the debt limit.

I'm done with spending RECKLESS amounts of money. I'm done with raising the ceiling each time the federal government reaches its borrowing limit. I'm done with the complacency on government waste, and this SICK mentality that it's somehow okay to kneecap our future generations with debt they'll never be able to crawl out from under. And I'm done with the tolerance for big government liberalism.

Republicans aren't blameless by any stretch for the prior spending, but elections have consequences and Democrats are now in the driver's seat. They control the House and Senate. They control the White House. They own every penny of this current spending. And they own their new efforts to spend an additional $5 TRILLION on social programs. So with that in mind, they can also own this current effort to raise the debt limit.

Congress needs to return to regular order. We need a balanced budget. And we need to pay down this debt. Anything short of that will NOT have my support, directly or indirectly.