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Let's Talk Details

  • Washington Storm

Let’s talk details. This is a long post, I know, but it’s important for everyone to understand just how bad the Democrats’ massive tax & spend package is going to be.

Remember, this bill isn’t even finalized yet. I’ve linked to their initial version below. As of now, this is a 2,465-page monster that will expand cradle-to-grave government dependence, make inflation worse, and put our nation even further into debt. So let’s dive into a few details…

Democrats are trying to include amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. It’s right there starting on page 898. This is ultimately an effort to register millions of new (mostly) Democrat voters. There’s some question as to whether those provisions can be part of this package, but Democrats are certainly trying hard on this.

They want “free” tuition for community college. How generous. Listen, we have taxpayer funded K-12, which is compulsory until age 17 here in South Carolina. But college is NOT compulsory, and is not right for everyone. In fact, over half of American adults don’t have a college degree. So it’s just inappropriate for Democrats to take money from them (or anyone else) to pay for other people’s college tuition.

And speaking of “free” community college, Democrats want to make that available to illegal immigrants as well. You can’t make this stuff up! (See page 93.)

Throughout this proposal, Democrats are trying to expand Obamacare subsidies, expand Medicare, and expand their effort toward their ultimate goal of single-payer (i.e. taxpayer funded) government-run healthcare.

Democrats want millions of taxpayer dollars for “electronic voting for union representation elections." I’m not joking – just look at page 167. (Unrelated question: don’t you need an ID to vote in a union election?)

Democrats are looking for an expansion of taxpayer-funded childcare (page 241). They also want taxpayers to cover paid leave from work, even in cases when such leave is already covered by the employer! That section starts on page 1296. I don’t want to sound callous here, but it’s not the appropriate role of government to use taxpayer dollars to cover someone’s paid leave from work. We cannot afford this!

Democrats want the government to negotiate Medicare drug prices. And by “negotiate” I mean pharmaceutical companies will be given a choice to either accept the government’s pricing formulas or face massive financial penalties. (All of that starts on page 2343.) No question this will lead to higher prices for non-negotiated drugs as well as patients who pay out-of-pocket. Plus it’ll lead to less innovation for new medicines. It’s a dangerous path for our healthcare.

And I’m just getting started! We haven’t even touched the Green New Deal parts of this proposal. Two other interesting notes:

First, nowhere in this document will you find the word “equality” used, but you will find the word “equity” used 44 times. Friends, the government can (and should) work to provide equal opportunities and resources. But the government cannot (and should not) try to guarantee equal OUTCOMES regardless of effort.

Second, for decades we’ve had a prohibition on taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortions, except in the case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. (Yes, I said MOTHER and not “birthing person.”) A significant number of Democrats are working to omit such a prohibition in this package, which would enable taxpayer dollars to be used on abortions for-convenience.

With liberals in control of Congress and President Biden doing whatever it is he’s doing in the White House, 2022 is looking more & more like a wave election for Republicans. So the infighting among Democrats right now is between the far-left socialists, who want to “swing for the fences” while they can, versus others who want to be re-elected but are facing major backlash from their constituents over this bill.  After all, it’s taxpayers (you, your family, your friends, etc.) who will ultimately foot the bill for this.

We’ll see how it all turns out, but you can bet I’ll be a strong NO vote for this mess when it comes up for consideration in the House.