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The Highest Levels Ever Recorded

Wow. I can’t even express enough outrage over this.

Arrests along our southern border have now reached the “highest levels ever recorded.” That’s according to unpublished Border Patrol data obtained by the Washington Post.

Let’s unpack this information…

Being arrested and being detained by our Border Patrol are generally two different things. Illegal immigrants are typically detained when caught trying to cross the border, and then processed accordingly. Arrests, on the other hand, usually happen when there’s additional criminal activity – above and beyond the act of illegally entering our nation.

So we’re talking about arrests for things like drugs, weapons, gang activity, human trafficking, etc. And under President Biden, we are now at the highest levels of arrests EVER recorded.

Just think about detentions by themselves for a moment. There were 1.7 MILLION people detained over the last 12 months as they were streaming into our nation. We’ve no idea how many people made it through without being caught. Similarly, if the Border Patrol’s data indicate a record number of arrests, just imagine how much criminal activity must be getting through undetected.

As maddening as all this is, it should come as no surprise.

Because this is what happens when you have a President who ◾️ deliberately weakens our border security, ◾️ willfully stops all new construction of the border wall, ◾️ tries to halt the removal of those with active deportation orders, ◾️ tries to end Trump’s “remain in Mexico” asylum requirement, and ◾️ tries to reinstate Obama’s “catch and release into the U.S.” policy.