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“Ralph, what are you doing to stop all this?”

I voted NO last night, just like I promised. For those who are interested, here’s a quick & simple summary of what happened yesterday in the House of Representatives on the two massive tax & spend proposals.
Remember we’re talking about two separate bills. Bill #1 has been dubbed the “infrastructure bill.” It has over $1 trillion that deals with infrastructure to some extent, but has entirely too much waste and unnecessary spending.
Meanwhile, Bill #2 is essentially a multi-trillion-dollar social welfare and social spending package, laughably called the “Build Back Better” plan. We still don’t know how much Bill #2 will cost, because Democrats did not allow the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) enough time to properly score that legislation. The White House released its estimates, but those numbers are meaningless.
Friends, we all want good things for our country. And yes, there are legitimate efforts the federal government should be involved in, like real & targeted infrastructure. But the bottom line is that we can’t afford wasteful, unnecessary spending. We’re over $28 trillion in debt with inflation on the rise, and these bills both represent a massive expansion of the federal government!
Democrats know they’re facing EPIC losses in the 2022 election because of their failed leadership (e.g. immigration, Afghanistan, supply chain, gas prices, labor shortage, vaccine mandates, etc. etc. etc.) So Bill #2 is one last effort to lurch the country towards the far left while they still can.
Anyway, there’s been major infighting among Democrats over these two bills. So-called “moderates” wanted Bill #1, but have been facing major backlash from constituents over the wasteful spending, especially in Bill #2. Meanwhile, the socialist wing of their party was holding Bill #1 hostage to force movement on the radical Bill #2, which faces a much tougher road, particularly in the Senate.
For many weeks, culminating into an 18-hour marathon day yesterday, Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership have been negotiating, arm twisting, “whipping” (yes, they still use that word) – whatever you want to call it – to secure votes on these two bills.
Late last night, Democrats managed to get Bill #1 passed. And they managed to get assurances from “moderates” that they will support Bill #2 if, in fact, the cost estimates from the CBO match what the White House claims their social welfare programs will cost. So we’ll see how that all plays out in a couple of weeks.
People always ask me, “Ralph, what are you doing to stop all this?” The answer is, “Everything I possibly can.” I’m voting NO on every bit of it. I’m doing interviews, press conferences, and outreach all over the place to raise awareness. I’m co-sponsoring legislation to counteract what they’re doing. And I’ll be working overtime to help make sure the massive swings we saw in places like Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday happen all over the country next November.