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Hopefully It Fails

It was only a week ago that Nancy Pelosi managed to twist enough arms to pass a massive $1.2 trillion spending bill. That legislation had a small amount of appropriate infrastructure spending, but a TON of unnecessary waste and government overreach. It should have never passed the House, but thirteen Republicans – approx. 6% of total Republicans in the House – helped Democrats push it across the finish line.

This week, Democrats in the House are moving on to their NEXT massive, multi-trillion-dollar socialist package. I’ll be flying to Washington tomorrow (Monday) to vote HARD NO AGAINST this monstrosity if it comes up for a vote.

Laughably called the “Build Back Better” plan, this legislation is a hot mess. Think of any far-left pipe dream, and this bill likely sends billions of taxpayer dollars to it. Housing costs. Government healthcare expansions. “Climate justice” programs. Scores of “equity” and “inclusion” programs. “Free” tuition (as if money grows on trees). Provision for amnesty and a possible pathway to citizenship for people who have broken our immigration laws. Etc.

The list of problems I have with this bill is a mile long. And that’s before we even talk about the enormous cost! To date, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has only released some preliminary estimates, not a full report yet.

But it doesn’t matter, because whatever price tag the CBO finally assigns to this beast will be artificially low. Here’s how & why:

The CBO estimates economic impact for proposed legislation over a 10-year period. If this bill were properly scored for the full 10 years, its costs would EASILY exceed $4 trillion. That’d be enough to scare away more “moderate” Democrats, which Pelosi needs.

So to manipulate 10-year projected costs to appear lower, Democrats have added sham short-term expiration dates for the most expensive programs in this bill. That enables CBO to just report a fraction of the total 10-year costs. Meanwhile, liberals know that once any big government socialist program takes root, it’s difficult to eliminate. So they anticipate Congress will simply extend those programs later.

If they’re being honest, most national Democrats understand they’re looking at catastrophic losses in the 2022 midterm elections, so they’re doing everything they can to jerk the country to the left while they still control Congress and the White House.

This is just another one of those efforts. Hopefully it fails.