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Update on "Remain in Mexico" Asylum Policy

NEW: there was a big milestone today in the fight against Biden’s self-inflicted immigration crisis. Late this morning, his administration announced that an “agreement had been reached” with the Mexican government that would keep asylum seekers in that country until their cases for asylum could be heard in U.S. immigration court.


However, don’t think today’s announcement represents President Biden coming to his senses on open borders, amnesty, or pathways to citizenship for millions here illegally. He hasn’t. Instead, today’s announcement is simply a result of a court order that forced him to reinstate Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

Friends, nobody questions the fact that there are places in Central and South America where some people live in legitimate fear. But someone seeking asylum from one of those places should do so at the first country they come to where they’re no longer in jeopardy (i.e. Mexico, if not earlier along their journey). They shouldn't continue traversing another 1,000+ miles through Mexico in order to make their initial claim of asylum in the United States. That's INTENTIONAL ABUSE of our asylum policies, and places undue burdens on our severely overwhelmed immigration system.

Trump realized that, which is why he established our “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy. Trump was building the wall. Trump ended Obama’s “Catch & Release into the USA” policy. And Trump made it clear that we are a nation of LEGAL immigration, not open borders.

And then Biden came along and undid everything that had been working. He ended “Remain in Mexico” on Day #1 of his administration, and reinstated “Catch & Release.” Biden is the one who stopped new border wall construction, and tried to end the removal of people with active deportation orders. And Biden is the one proposing payments of up to $450,000 each to people who have broken our immigration laws.

There’s so much that still needs to be done to reverse the damage Biden is doing on illegal immigration. Today’s announcement is just one small victory within that larger effort.