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Update on "Build Back Broke"

Great news this Sunday morning as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) announced he would NOT vote for President Biden’s massive tax & spend “Build Back Broke” (BBB) plan. Remember the Senate is split 50-50, and every Republican realized this was a bad deal for America. So with Sen. Manchin opposing the bill, it’s not going anywhere in the Senate… at least for now.

A few random thoughts on this:

First, it would be unwise to assume this is the end of the road for BBB. Remember it was just a few days ago that Sen. Manchin expressed optimism over the bill, yet nothing has changed significantly since then!

So there may be some Scotch tape now holding the BBB coffin closed, but there is no nail. Democrats will absolutely regroup and re-strategize on this bill. It’ll be rebranded as something different, but make no mistake: this socialist effort will rear its ugly head again in the new year.

Second, watch the attacks now on Sen. Manchin from his own party – particularly from the socialist wing. And watch some of these mainstream media outlets imply that Manchin alone defeated BBB. As if literally half of the Senators – all 50 Republicans – had no say in the matter.

And third, liberals love to tout provisions in the Build Back Broke plan for things like daycare, elder care, fighting climate change, “free” tuition, green jobs, amnesty for illegal immigrants, Medicare expansions, etc. All while deliberately misleading us about its true costs and debt. I will continue to stand with Republicans in opposition to the BBB – or whatever they call it next.


Because we can’t afford any of this! Because we’re $29 TRILLION in debt and are kneecapping our children and grandchildren. Because illegal immigration is a major problem and should be discouraged, not encouraged. Because it’s not the government’s responsibility to create a cradle-to-grave nanny state. Because it would be a wildly inappropriate overreach of government on multiple levels. And because we’re not a socialist nation!