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Platitudes but No Specifics

Those who have been completely silent on New York allowing 800,000 illegal immigrants to vote in local elections have NO standing to call for so-called “voting rights” legislation in Congress.

Democrats, I’m looking squarely at you.

President Biden is in Georgia right now trying to drum up support for this effort. He, along with liberals in Congress, want to change the rules in the Senate in order to pass an atrocious bill to federalize elections. Last spring, I voted in strong opposition to the House’s version of this bill, which:

⛔ essentially outlaws voter ID. Someone will literally be able to walk into a polling location, sign a piece of paper saying they’re someone else and cast a ballot for that other individual.

⛔ uses taxpayer dollars to fund the campaigns of people running for federal office! It creates a 6-to-1 funding match for any contribution up to $200 in federal races. So if you’re a candidate whose ideas & values don’t resonate with voters and therefore can’t raise any money, don’t worry, Democrats will finance your campaign with other people’s money.

⛔ requires states to allow people to register ON election day, which of course will give election officials no time to validate the integrity of those registrations before those ballots are cast & counted.

⛔ requires states to automatically register all individuals – not citizens, but “individuals” – using state and federal databases. Think about that. If non-citizens aren’t supposed to vote in federal elections, then why would a federal law mandate they be registered to vote?

⛔ requires states to count ballots cast by voters outside of their assigned precincts. Imagine the problems and confusion this will cause throughout the nation.

⛔ prohibits witness signature or notary requirements for absentee ballots. Why would you do that?!

⛔ makes it more difficult for states to remove ineligible voters. For example, it places severe restrictions on the use of things like the U.S. Postal Service’s national change-of-address system to verify that someone has moved away.

⛔ requires states to restore a convicted felons’ right to vote immediately after they leave prison, even if they have uncompleted parole, probation, or court-imposed restitution requirements.

If you see the mainstream media’s coverage on this, you’ll hear a lot of platitudes, but you’re unlikely to hear specifics on what this legislation actually does. There’s a reason for that.

Friends, more people managed to vote in the 2020 election than in ANY other election in American history. Yet now, according to Democrats, people won’t be able to vote unless we outlaw voter ID, finance campaigns with public dollars, prohibit witness signatures on absentee ballots, etc.

States have the right – and I would argue the obligation – to guarantee the integrity of their own elections. The party that wants 800,000 illegal immigrants to vote in New York is trying to tell us otherwise.