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Biden's DHS Flying Thousands of Illegal Immigrants to the US

Well, it took a subpoena and a lengthy fight, but House Republicans have finally uncovered a list of all the U.S. cities to which the Biden administration has been quietly flying HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants.
Everyone knew this was taking place. But the documents finally released under a subpoena from the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) – under the leadership of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, pictured here – show just how bad it is.
Charlotte, NC, just up the road from our congressional district, is on the list. I’ll link to the details in the comments below.
This is under a program DHS established for people from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. You know, hell-hole countries that have been run into the ground. Listen, I have sympathy for the innocent people who live in those places, but here’s the reality: The United States CANNOT be the place of refuge for every person on this planet “just seeking a better way of life.” I wish we could, but we can’t!
We’ve got over 8+ MILLION illegal immigrants who have poured across our border after Joe Biden implemented policies to make it wide open. This is unsustainable! Medical services, social service, educational systems – you name it, all the critical elements of our society are facing severe strain because THIS PRESIDENT has deliberately facilitated and encouraged MILLIONS of illegal immigrants to come. And it’s not just border towns! Every town is a border town now.
Does the U.S. have a moral obligation to help these people? Certainly we need to apply extreme pressure on the governments of these countries to get crime under control and reject every trace of socialism. But we’re approaching $35 TRILLION in debt and have all sorts of issues on our own soil to deal with. It’d be nice if we had a President and DHS Secretary who would do his job and secure the border, rather than flying over 400,000 individuals into the interior of the U.S. through this program.