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Busses, Trains, Event Taxis

On the return flight from my most recent trip to the southern border, over half the passengers were escorted onto the plane while holding cardboard signs that read, “I don’t speak English.”

Do you want to guess what that was all about?

Busses, trains, even taxis have been used to relocate illegal immigrants away from the southern border. So recent news that the Biden Administration has been using secret charter flights (shown here) to also resettle migrants to other states should come as no surprise.

What this President has done to cause and encourage illegal immigration is unconscionable and, I’d argue, illegal.

Almost two MILLION illegal immigrants have been apprehended since Biden took office, while border officials are estimating nearly 400,000 more have escaped into the U.S. without being caught.

The reason why things have spiraled out of control is simple. It’s because Biden deliberately stopped construction of our border wall, tried to end our “remain in Mexico” asylum policy, and tried to reinstate Obama’s “catch & release into the USA” efforts. He tried to pause the removal of those with active deportation orders, and his administration even tried to negotiate $450,000 legal settlements for noncitizens from other countries… who broke our immigration laws and now are suing us – the American taxpayers – over the way they were treated in the process. All while Democrats in Congress are working to grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.

Republican solutions are not difficult to understand. And we know they’ll work:

Secure the border. Restart border wall construction. Apply whatever resources it takes to stop the hemorrhaging. Consider deploying the National Guard until things are under control. Do what we can – within reason – to encourage Mexico and other South American countries get their acts together. Place intense pressure on Mexico to stop the flow. Quit releasing detainees into this country on their own recognizance, hoping they’ll show up later for their court hearing. And prosecute coyotes, traffickers, and cartels to the fullest extent of the law.