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The situation with Russia continues to get worse by the day.

The situation with Russia continues to get worse by the day.

Many believe an invasion of Ukraine is imminent. In fact, last week the U.S. State Department advised American citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, and started evacuating all but essential staff from our embassy in Kyiv.

Unfortunately, America is no longer operating from a position of strength.

We’ve completely capitulated to Russia by removing sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. Once completed, that pipeline will only further Europe’s dependence on oil from Russia, making many of those nations beholden to Russia. Putin knows that.

Meanwhile, Biden has weakened America’s energy production by revoking permits for our own pipeline, Keystone XL. He’s also placed moratoriums on oil & gas production on federal lands, and implemented other bad policies which have made the U.S. more dependent on foreign energy. Putin knows that.

Biden has refused to hold Russia accountable for the malicious Colonial Pipeline hacking attack last May, which was the work of a Russian organization. And he continues to reward Putin’s behavior by elevating him on the international stage with summits and high-profile meetings. Putin knows that.

Then there’s the Administration’s horribly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Literally hundreds of critical details were overlooked or ignored by the White House. Just look at some of the facts reported from the recently released 2000-page Army investigative report; it’s mind-blowing. Russia has no reason to respect America’s ability to ~prevent~ conflict if this is the extent of our competence while ~withdrawing~ from conflict. Putin knows that.

Then there are U.S. domestic problems within the last year, most notably inflation at a 40-year high, millions of illegal immigrants streaming across our border, and spikes in violent crime. Putin know this.

Ultimately, if you’re Vladimir Putin and your desire is to invade Ukraine, America used to pose a significant obstacle to that. Not so much anymore.

Putin knows that.