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Foreign Affairs

Commitment to America

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I get a lot of questions about what Republicans will do next year when we take back control of the House of Representatives. These are important questions. After all, we can talk forever about spiraling inflation, record illegal immigration, rising violent crime, foreign policy disasters, fentanyl crisis, “woke” education programs, out of control government bureaucracies, etc. But it’s…

Two Notes on Foreign Affairs

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On the foreign affairs front, I’m following two separate events today. In no particular order… First, over the weekend, the U.S. eliminated a prominent al Qaeda terrorist known as Ayman al-Zawahiri. Actually, “minced” is a more accurate verb here – just do a search for “Hellfire R9X Ninja Missile” if you’re intrigued by those kinds of details. It’s impossible not to be impressed by our…

What’s Your Solution, Ralph?

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“What’s your solution, Ralph?” I get that question all the time, especially when I talk about wasteful spending in Congress and our $30 trillion in federal debt. Friends, our nation is heading for financial ruin. I’m so tired of being asked to vote “yes” on new spending bills with no offsets. I’m tired of bloated, wasteful government. I’m tired of agency heads who claim they can't do…

78 Years Later

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2,501 American soldiers gave their lives along the beachheads of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Thousands more were injured.   D-Day was a monumental effort to help defeat Nazi Germany and end WWII. 78 years later, we still honor and remember their incredible sacrifice.

REPLAY: Joint Tele-Town Hall w/ Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons

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A very special thanks to Congressman Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! The three of us hosted an incredible joint tele-town hall on April 5th, with tens of thousands of constituents joining us on the phone from back home in South Carolina. There were many great questions about inflation, illegal immigration, Ukraine, and other issues facing our country. You can catch a full replay…

Upcoming Tele-Town Hall on April 5th

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Please make your calendar for Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 PM ET for a special live telephone town hall.  Joining me will be two other congressman from South Carolina, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! During this call, we'll be discussing the important domestic issues facing our country, including rising inflation, increases in violent crime, and alarming…

A Russian Nuclear Plant in Iran

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Terrible decisions are being made by the White House concerning Iran. I’m so tired of this ineptness. Everyone needs at least a 30,000’ view of what happening with Iran and how President Biden is handling this situation. Here’s what’s going on… (1) Iran desperately wants nuclear weapons. Despite what Iran’s sympathizers claim, nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranian regime would…

Tighten the Screws

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Here’s a quick summary of the legislation I’m supporting in Congress concerning Russia. In no particular order: First, I'm co-sponsoring a bill that would formally suspend normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus, which is a puppet-state of Russia. This is a no-brainer. Russia should not be allowed to function economically as though they aren’t waging an unjust war. Second,…

Should Have Happened Long Before Now

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It took entirely too long, but the President FINALLY decided to sanction Russian oil earlier today. Unfortunately, he’s still dragging his feet on unleashing America’s own energy production capabilities. It’s just feckless leadership from top to bottom. Let’s talk about the oil sanctions first. Most Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been yelling at Biden to get in gear and ban…

It’s Past Time to Sanction Russian Oil

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You’d be hard pressed to find this level of bipartisanship on any other issue right now. The United States needs to sanction Russian oil. Almost everyone is united on this point. Heck, even Nancy Pelosi is on board now. But President Biden has staunchly resisted this step so far. (This may be changing. More on that below.) Here’s the issue: a sizeable portion of the Russian economy is…