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Rep. Norman Issues Statement on Russia’s War on Ukraine

Late Wednesday night, Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-5) issued the following statement on Vladimir Putin and Russia's war on Ukraine:

"War has begun in Ukraine. Despite his lies, his revisionist history, and his psychopathic behavior, the entire world recognizes that Vladimir Putin is solely responsible for this. There can be no doubt that Russia is the aggressor in this war, and the enemy of peace worldwide.

"No one knows how this will end, or how far Russia will go. But what is almost certain is massive and catastrophic loss of innocent life in the days and weeks to come. Vladimir Putin will be to blame for every single one of those.

"It is long past time for stronger sanctions on Russia. Putin must be held to account, and the free world must stand in firm opposition to this tyranny.

"Please join me in prayer for the Ukrainian people, who are now fighting for their lives, their families, and their country."