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Russia Shells One of Ukraine's Nuclear Power Plants

This ought to be proof positive that Vladimir Putin has devolved into a sadistic, unhinged lunatic. Reports this hour indicate his Russian army is literally shelling the largest nuclear power plant in all of Europe, which is located in southeast Ukraine. As of 9 PM tonight, it’s unclear how dangerous this situation is.

It is truly unconscionable that President Biden has not yet sanctioned the largest sector of the Russian economy, which is their oil exports. The United States is sending tens of millions of dollars DAILY to Russia, which is being used, in part, to fund this war. The destruction and innocent loss of life is only expected to get worse.

Even Nancy Pelosi today agreed we should be sanctioning Russian energy!

Biden owes America and our allies an immediate, coherent explanation on (1) why he refuses to sanction Russian energy, (2) his plan to address the escalating genocide in Ukraine, and (3) why he will not reverse course on his own hostilities towards American energy production.

There is NO excuse for what we’re seeing in Ukraine.