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It’s Past Time to Sanction Russian Oil

You’d be hard pressed to find this level of bipartisanship on any other issue right now. The United States needs to sanction Russian oil. Almost everyone is united on this point. Heck, even Nancy Pelosi is on board now.

But President Biden has staunchly resisted this step so far. (This may be changing. More on that below.)

Here’s the issue: a sizeable portion of the Russian economy is driven by their export of oil and natural gas to other countries. Every day, the United States is shoveling TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Russia for their oil, and a lot of that money is being siphoned off for Russia’s military.

So as long as we’re buying Russian energy, we’re helping fund their genocidal war in Ukraine. It’s unconscionable.

While I’m pleased with other sanctions against Russia that Biden has implemented, I am angry that he’s slow-walked this critical measure. Part of his reasoning, of course, is that stopping the flow of Russian oil into the U.S. could increase energy prices here at home, even more than they’ve already gone up.

As you know, inflation under Biden’s watch is now at a 40-year high, and energy prices are through the roof thanks, in part, to his hostility towards American’s energy production. (I’ve covered this extensively in previous posts.) So from a political standpoint, Mr. Biden is worried about the optics of Americans paying even more at the pump that we already are.

I get his predicament, but America should NOT help fund Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine through the purchase of Russian oil!!

Reports over the weekend indicate the White House may FINALLY be entertaining sanctions on Russian oil imports into the United States. Detail matter, of course, so we’ll have to see if this turns out to be anything meaningful.

Simultaneously, it is critical for Biden to IMMEDIATELY reverse course on his policies that that have hampered American’s own energy production. The U.S. should not be relying on hostile (or potentially hostile) foreign nations for our energy needs.