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Should Have Happened Long Before Now

It took entirely too long, but the President FINALLY decided to sanction Russian oil earlier today. Unfortunately, he’s still dragging his feet on unleashing America’s own energy production capabilities. It’s just feckless leadership from top to bottom.

Let’s talk about the oil sanctions first. Most Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been yelling at Biden to get in gear and ban Russian oil. Every day, our country has been purchasing tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Russian oil, and a lot of that money has been used to fund their genocidal war in Ukraine.

Mr. Biden resisted for as long as he possibly could…

The President didn’t want to sanction Russian oil because he doesn’t want the optics Americans paying even more at the pump than we already are under his watch. However, he didn’t really have a choice once it became clear that a bipartisan Congress was going to act with or without him. (Possibly with a veto-proof majority, depending on how that legislation is written.) So President Biden finally relented and announced sanctions on Russian oil today.

Good, but it should have happened long before now. There’s still another major step missing though.

Replacing Russian oil with oil from Iran – or other hostile nations – is not in our best interest! It’s critical for President Biden to roll back every policy he’s implemented to hamstring America’s own energy production. That includes Keystone, exploration on foreign lands, and other onerous regulations.

The time to do that is now, not after he has no other choice.