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Tighten the Screws

Here’s a quick summary of the legislation I’m supporting in Congress concerning Russia. In no particular order:

First, I'm co-sponsoring a bill that would formally suspend normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus, which is a puppet-state of Russia. This is a no-brainer. Russia should not be allowed to function economically as though they aren’t waging an unjust war.

Second, President Biden was terribly slow to sanction Russian oil. Honestly, I don’t trust he’ll keep those sanctions in place for as long as they should be, so I’ve co-sponsored H.R. 6886. This legislation will formally prohibit importing crude oil and petroleum products from Russia. Going above & beyond the authority of the President, Congressional approval would be needed to lift this sanction.

Next, I’m also upset that President Biden originally lifted Trump’s sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline last year. (While killing our own Keystone XL pipeline here at home, no less.) Even though Biden recently reversed course, I’ve co-sponsored H.R. 6748 to formalize these sanctions, regardless of what the President wants in the future.

Fourth, I’ve co-sponsored two resolutions condemning Russia’s genocide in Ukraine and the war crimes of Vladimir Putin: H.Res 963 and H.Con.Res.76.

And next, there’s no way Russia should be involved in negotiations to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. I’m co-sponsoring legislation on that front as well, which would oppose engaging with Russia to revive any form of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran.

Friends, many Russian citizens are being lied to, and those who do speak out risk arrest. Internet access has been restricted, and most news in that country is controlled by the government. Nobody wishes harm on the innocent citizens of Russia, but we have to look for smart ways to tighten the screws on their evil tyrant dictator until he backs down.