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$5,200 More This Year

$5,200 this year, or $433 per month. That’s how much MORE the average family will spend just to maintain the same standard of living as last year, according to new research from Bloomberg Economics.

If your paycheck hasn’t kept pace with this inflation – and chances are it hasn’t – then guess what? You’re either saving less, dealing with a lower standard of living, and/or going into debt. That’s how it works.

Yet we STILL have people in Congress (and some running for Congress) who think more government spending is the answer. That government pumping hundreds of billions of additional dollars into our economy somehow won’t make inflation even worse.

Of course it will. They are wrong, and those people have NO BUSINESS in elected office.

It’s going to take a lot to get inflation under control, which unfortunately includes the Federal Reserve carefully and gradually raising interest rates for a period of time. But one thing is clear: your federal government should NOT make this problem worse with out-of-control spending.

If there were ever a time for fiscal sanity in Washington, it’s right now.