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Early Migration Alert Program Act

I've seen it happen personally on various airline flights over the last year - where illegal immigrants are being relocated across the United States. Officials are using planes, trains, busses, Ubers… any mode of transportation they can find to alleviate the massive overload of illegal immigrants at the border.
There's nowhere to put these individuals, and this administration refuses to turn most of them back, so they're simply relocated throughout the United States. It's deliberate. My experience is certainly nothing unique; there's news all over the place of these relocations.
This is what happens when we elect liberals who have literally campaigned on ending every effort to deter illegal immigration. For example: ending Title 42. Trying to end our “remain in Mexico” asylum policy. Trying to reinstate “catch & release into the USA.” Trying to halt the removal of those with active deportation orders. Stopping construction of a new border wall, etc.
I hate driving partisan wedges into an issue like this, but this crisis is self-inflicted, deliberately, by this President.
Yesterday I signed on as an original co-sponsor of a new bill in the House that would require the Border Patrol and ICE officials to notify local governments and local law enforcement officials before they dump a bunch of people apprehended along the southern border into their jurisdiction. This is called the "The Early Migration Alert Program Act" and it's sponsored by Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS).
What this administration is doing under the cover of darkness is not fair to local cities, their law enforcement agencies, their schools, their hospitals, their social services, etc. They need to be given a heads up, and the fact that many of them are being caught off guard when a jetliner lands, or a bus caravan rolls up, is completely unacceptable.
Will Nancy Pelosi allow this bill to advance in the House? She probably won’t, but we have to keep trying.