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Highest Number Ever Recorded

If this isn’t a dereliction of duty by this President, I don’t know what is. We had the HIGHEST NUMBER EVER RECORDED last month of migrant encounters along our southern border.

Border agents encountered 234,088 individuals in April. Of those who were apprehended, a WHOPPING 117,989 were released into the interior of the United States. This is from court documents obtained by the media late Monday evening.

And get this: 96,908 were turned away last month under Title 42.

Remember: Title 42 is just the latest deterrence to illegal immigration that President Biden is trying to unravel. It allows U.S. officials to remove detainees as a Covid mitigation policy.

Yet Biden appears determined to let the Title 42 policy expire in just a few days. Once that happens, we could easily be looking at 200,000+ individuals released into the interior of our country Every. Single. Month. And that doesn’t even include countless others who make it through without being detected!

Since taking office, President Biden has deliberately halted or sabotaged almost every effort to deter illegal immigration. Nobody’s saying we should mistreat illegal immigrants, of course. But our nation is NOT in a position to handle this at all, and we deserve a president who is capable of understanding that.